License To Steal:

Truth and Justice are Inseparable

by Ray W. Rowney, Jr.



Ray W. Rowney, Jr. experiences the departure of truth and justice from the U.S. legal system in his firebrand expose License to Steal. He methodically chronicles the various legal procedures and policies that can be manipulated to aid and support fraud. He then draws striking comparisons to the current performance of the federal government, wherein spin has also replaced facts and truth. He laments a legal system and federal government that encourage greed in all Americans.

The author analyzes the change in constitutional practice causing the aforementioned corruption. He believes it began soon after the U.S. legal system stopped using “Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law” as governing source document in 1930, in the Courts, the U.S. Senate, and prestigious law schools to define the law and train persons therein. Blackstone taught that common law evolved from God, whose laws were absolute, and that no human laws were of any validity if contrary to the Holy Scriptures (the Bible).

Rowney issues this defining series of detailed examples of his 13-years in American courts, as a volunteer aggrieved bondholder rep, to tell how the law has been used “creatively” by the unscrupulous to steal without being caught. He describes some legal practitioners as “vultures on a road-kill” in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.  In sum, this book convinces its readers of widespread scamming within both the legal system and federal government, and sets forth straight-forward, common sense recommendations that citizen voters can require to return America to the vision of the Founding Fathers.

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