License To Steal:

Truth and Justice are Inseparable

by Ray W. Rowney, Jr.



Ray W. Rowney, Jr. experiences the departure of truth and justice from the U.S. legal system in his firebrand expose License to Steal. He methodically chronicles the various legal procedures and policies that can be manipulated to aid and support fraud. He then draws striking comparisons to the current performance of the federal government, wherein spin has also replaced facts and truth. He laments a legal system and federal government that encourage greed in all Americans.

The author analyzes the change in constitutional practice causing the aforementioned corruption. He believes it began soon after the U.S. legal system stopped using “Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law” as governing source document in 1930, in the Courts, the U.S. Senate, and prestigious law schools to define the law and train persons therein. Blackstone taught that common law evolved from God, whose laws were absolute, and that no human laws were of any validity if contrary to the Holy Scriptures (the Bible).

Rowney issues this defining series of detailed examples of his 13-years in American courts, as a volunteer aggrieved bondholder rep, to tell how the law has been used “creatively” by the unscrupulous to steal without being caught. He describes some legal practitioners as “vultures on a road-kill” in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.  In sum, this book convinces its readers of widespread scamming within both the legal system and federal government, and sets forth straight-forward, common sense recommendations that citizen voters can require to return America to the vision of the Founding Fathers.

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Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal”

The Author cites and describes 8 specific examples of how the unscrupulous can “creatively” manipulate the current US Legal System to protect fraudulent misconduct. He concludes that this protection of the guilty is a direct result of: REPLACING “THE BIBLE” AND THE “CONSTITUTION”, AS THE BASIS OF US LAW AND ORDER, WITH EVOLVING HUMAN VALUES.
Ray W. Rowney Jr.'s

Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal”Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal” shared a link.May 25th, 2018 at 9:57pm

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Ray W. Rowney Jr.'s

Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal”May 25th, 2018 at 9:57pm

It’s Not Just About Winning

While all of us have heard from a parent, or a coach, or a friend, “It’s not about winning, but how we play the game,” today, I fear many do not subscribe to this ethic. I see and hear of more and more examples of “me first” or “What’s in it for me?”

Sadly, it appears too many of us humans see the world as revolving around us, rather than we being just small players in a huge worldly production.

I am reminded of a radio ad in which an elderly lady observes, “Why are we here if not to share with and help others?” As we each age and experience declines in physical strengths and abilities, my prayer is that rather than be discouraged and turn inward, we seek God’s guidance in how to best share his blessings with each other.

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Ray W. Rowney Jr.'s

Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal”May 25th, 2018 at 9:57pm

Author’s Weekly Thought (week of 6/13/17)

How has America, so blessed by God, allowed its people to now believe Him no longer relevant, and instead placed our very destiny in human, tainted values rather than His eternal truths?

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Ray W. Rowney Jr.'s

Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal”May 25th, 2018 at 9:57pm

We Must Control Our Destiny

In America, we have no one to blame but ourselves for our future destiny. With absolute freedom comes absolute responsibility. We can’t have one without the other.

It defies common sense (which today is no longer “common”) that in America we apparently have forgotten that if we want our citizens to act responsibly, we must clearly set forth and teach what is required. All of history confirms that human values are tainted, and only God and His values are lasting and eternal.

As a nation, we must choose whom or what to serve, but as for me and my family, we choose God!!

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Ray W. Rowney Jr.'s

Ray W. Rowney Jr.’s “License to Steal”May 25th, 2018 at 9:57pm

Author’s Weekly Thought (week of 6/6/17)

How refreshing that President Trump is willing to endure the unfounded, vile attacks to serve Americans, rather than the “global elites” that serve self over constituents.

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